Leadership Coaching

Make the most of your performance potential!

“If you want to lead people, you have to walk behind them.”
Laotse, Chinese Philosopher, ca. 551 – 479 v. Chr.

My Motivation

Change and adaptation are the prerequisites for lasting success. The world is changing – and we have to cope with the changes in order to be able to act successfully. In this process of constant change, I am at your side. Accompanying people and organisations at critical points is an exciting challenge to which I dedicate my professional life.

My coaching seeks the individual path to satisfaction and success for each client. Appreciation and cooperation at eye level are the key to the door through which we walk together. We use your individual strengths to change your behaviour and ways of acting into the positive. In this way, you can master changes as well as private and professional challenges.

Leadership Coaching

My Approach

In my coaching sessions, I support my clients throughout the process. With my coaching process I want to

  • to improve ability to self-reflect and jointly analyse leadership style and behaviour
  • to reflect on all changes and problem solving in the professional and private environment and facilitate new learning experiences
  • to ensure an approach that produces creative and inspiring results
  • to use methods for diagnosis, solution finding and implementation appropriate to the situation
  • to plan, evaluate and implement solutions.

the result of my coaching should be

  • own solutions are developed with which the client can identify him/herself
  • sustainable results are produced that can be implemented immediately

The coaching conversations take place at eye level, which means neutrally and clearly. Together we identify barriers that stand in the way of change.

As a coach, I am committed to absolute discretion. No information about topics, behaviour etc. will be passed on to third parties, not even to superiors or HR managers..

My leadership coaching is aimed at executives and managers who are facing new tasks in their job or after a career change.

Phases of my Coaching Process

Typically, the collaboration with my coachees takes place in several stages:

1. Contact and initial interview (free of charge)

  • Getting to know each other and building relationships with competence presentation and coaching methods
  • To clarify the initial situation and objectives
  • To check preconditions and reasonableness
  • to clarify fame conditions and contractual agreement

2. First Appointment

  • To explain further procedure
  • To define the psychological contract; define the “rules of the game” in the cooperation.
  • To define the targets

3. Additional Appointments

  • Systemic and supportive accompaniment of the client (in conversation and in the company organisation)
  • To provide neutral and informed feedback
  • To carry out interventions (raise awareness and responsibility)
  • To set exercises between appointments (“homework”)
  • To promote self-reflection, provide help for self-help
  • To adopt implementation measures

4. Final Appointment

  • Evaluation of the Coachings (results, open questions)
  • To set formal end
  • To agree on further interaction and transfer control

Your Benefit

Change is often associated with uncertainty. Through my coaching, clients learn tools, ways of acting and behaving in order to cope with new, unknown situations. Together we find the way out of uncertainty and back into calm waters. With new tasks and changed conditions, interest, curiosity and the solution of challenges take centre stage again. Balance and satisfaction with oneself and one’s work are the goal of my coaching sessions.

I would be happy to explain my coaching approach in detail in a personal conversation. Contact me for an open and non-binding exchange!