That’s what my clients and coachees appreciate about me.

“If you miss the first buttonhole, you can’t handle buttoning it.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer (1749 – 1832)

Statement 1 – Understanding Internationality

Peter Müller brings a great deal of empathy and understanding for international cultures and behavioural patterns in the respective corporate divisions.
Managing Director, Retail company

Statement 2 – Topic- and content-oriented

Peter Müller is a valued, content-oriented conversationalist with diverse professional experience. With him, the viewpoint and perspectives of the client situations always come first.
Managing Director, International Industry company

Statement 3 – High readiness for action

His high energy level and ability to motivate staff in other departments as well make Peter P. Müller an all-time accepted leader and support the sustainability of the desired changes.
Board Member, Transportation company

Statement 4 – Empathy

Mr. Mueller has the ability and empathy to communicate with staff at all levels and to address their concerns.
Head of Department, German Public Authority

Statement 5 – Inspiring and motivating

Mr. Müller always manages to motivate the employees to change and to install change processes that are adapted to the requirements and potential of the employees and to introduce them across departments.
Managing Director, Industry company

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