CIO Advisory Consulting

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“There are risks you cannot afford to take. And there are risks you can’t afford not to take.”
Peter Drucker, Austrian pioneer of management theory, *1909

My Motivation

In hardly any other area is the speed of change and innovation as evident as in information technology. This poses challenges – but also great opportunities for companies. More efficiency, more transparency, more participation – the list could go on. In order to take advantage of these opportunities and master the challenges, organisations have to deal with the constant development of IT, adapt applications or entire systems and introduce new ones. IT has long since ceased to be static and has become a dynamic process. This also increases the influence of IT on the success of a company.

My Approach

With the growing relevance of IT, the role of the CIO has also changed. The task of successfully implementing the business model with the help of IT is becoming increasingly central. Today, a CIO is no longer just Chief Information Officer, but also Chief Infrastructure Officer, Chief Intelligence Officer, Chief Integration Officer or Chief Innovation Officer, and thus influences a positive and sustainable company results.

The CIO actively contributes to company turnover and costs. He is therefore assigned to more and more additional functions and tasks:

  • to optimise and to save the cost in IT area,
  • to negotiate new contracts with Service Providers,
  • to optimse DataCenter and Server farms,
  • to develop and to increase the efficiency of Shared Service Center,
  • to introduce Process- and System innovations in other Business Departments

My Services

As a former CIO, I know your challenges. And that is exactly what my service portfolio is tailored to.

Your Benefit

As a result, IT contributes to the company’s profit situation with its cost structure and turnover orientation and enables a sustainable company orientation with system and process innovations. Develop your IT further – and you develop your company further.

I would be happy to support you in developing your IT into the central value driver in your company. Arrange a non-binding appointment now to discuss your options together!